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Special thanks to ...

My aim is to create beautiful, high quality art and interior products that will not go out of style. It is a small-scale production and I work close to my manufactors and they all have a great love and passion for their craft.

I want everyone to experience the feeling of surrounding themself with art. If you share the same desire and want to become a retailer, please contact me by mail or phone. Do you want to buy directly from me, visit my webshop or my studio at Folkunga g 107 of the Stockholm

My art is available as original paintings, reproductions, trays, pillows, textiles, bedding, napkins, matches, lampshades etc.


If you are interested in originals or reproductions, please contact me to book an appointment in the studio in Stockholm.

Phone: +46 (0)732 44 35 11




Exhibiting and trade shows has been my way of spreading my art and my products. I would like to thank friends and family who, through their knowledge, time and cheering made it possible for me to do this and being able to create a brand that allows my art to be spread and transform into so many different forms.


Studio 107 serves as a office and showroom for me and ten creators of different areas.

You will find us at Folkunga g 107, Södermalm, Stockohlm city.


Please pay us a visit:

Send e-mail to book an appointment: lisa@lisaling.se

or call+46 (0)732 44 35 11